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Kitchen Tap Fascism

All the research suggests that doing your washing up under a running tap is pretty much the least efficient way to use your water. Far better to do your washing up in a washing up bowl.

So, while the Waterblade clearly has great potential for under tap washing and rinsing, we have not promoted as such. We did not wish to promote bad water use habits!


We are now asking if we should. Here’s why:

  • Even in my own household, which I try to run like an eco-fascist dictatorship, the washing and rinsing of plates and pans under a running tap occurs. This is due to the volume and variety of kitchen use, (jam making, baking, plus cooking by separate parties, lodgers, children ‘doing their own cooking’etc.)
  • I think that fitting a Waterblade shall greatly reduce our water use.
  • When at IWS2017 in Abu Dhabi the washing up at a friends’ house was done under a running tap, each plate and bowl individually! The Waterblade could save a huge amount of water in this circumstance.


So, I am thinking of abandoning my fascist ways, and instead of saying ‘you are doing your washing up wrong’ I am now saying ‘if that is how you do your washing up, use the Waterblade and you shall use dramatically less water’

We would value your take on this…. So please let us know what you think, just post a comment.