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How it all began

Nigel Bamford inventor/Builder 2010

10 years ago, Nigel Bamford, a single father of three boys, was looking to change his working practices as a builder.He wanted to become Enviromentally responsible. He decided to enrol on an MSc course  at the Centre for Alternative Technology  ( CAT ) in Wales.

Little known to Nigel at that time, a Tic bite, he had received 12 months earlier, was about to pull the rug from under him. He had been suffering periodic  bouts of fatigue and head aches since being bitten, but had put it down to work pressures. However, a month after his first module was complete, he was unable to climb the stairs, due to pain and fatigue. He knew then, that he needed to change his doctor, get a diagnosis and hopefully treatment for something other than stress. He also knew, he had to put his MSc on hold.

A while later, he  tested positive for Lyme disease. Sadly, because it was so advanced, the treatment given at hospital, only gave him temporary relief. It was not long, before his symptoms returned with a vengeance. He was told, that he was cured of Lyme and now had a condition known as:  “Post Lyme Syndrome”. This turned out to be a massive medical brick wall.

What followed was a nightmare time of trying to get treatment, resting and a complete change in his diet and life style. He was forced to close his building business and make his staff redundant. It took 10 years for Nigel to pull himself through to a manageable state of good health. Now the relapses are generally less severe and further apart,but never absent. As a result of these life changing experiences,  Lyme awareness for others,  will always be very close to our hearts.

Meanwhile, back in the dark days of utter exhaustion and brain fog, Nigel would lie on his Sofa…and in an attempt to keep his brain functioning and depression at bay, he would imagine 3 dimensional solutions to his curiosity about  how to heat water though dynamic flow in a tap. After several years, something very different emerged. It was a beautiful, thin fan of water that had real power to clean, with minimal water usage; Thus the Waterblade was born.

500 or so prototypes later, a finished MSc, an incredible amount of support from the “Green Growth Platform” at Brighton University, his girlfriend and his best friend Cliff, and all his other close friends and family, a manufactured product was finally brought to market.

Since then,  Waterblade has won 8 industry awards and has been rolled out by several international banking corporations. 50 units have been sold to the houses of Parliament and a variety of other businesses,  with several being fitted in friends’ homes.

For us, at Bamfords’ Waterblade, the journey has been a rollercoaster ride of raising money, to pay for the patents required and the manufacturing set up costs. The big question was how to take this simple and elegant solution to water and energy saving, forward. We were inexperienced but enthusiastic, as we could see the potential, for the people of the UK and dare we dream? The world.

We have a set of values and ethics, that we feel are essential in shaping who we are as a company and a brand. They also reflect how we want to do business. To this end,  Waterblade is manufactured locally, So that we have good relationships with our whole supply chain and we can really know what is happening in it. We also researched the best solution to “no waste” packaging that we could currently find and afford.  We have the proviso that we will keep improving it. We have WRAS approval for the Waterblade, making it viable for big industry to adopt us, as part of their Enviromental and Sustainability Agendas.

In Britain, the public currently have no history of buying water saving devices, as they have always received such things free through their local water companies. We believe that we are on the cusp of radical change. Now that Domestic Metering is coming into force across the land and water companies are changing their policies, homeowners and renters alike, are waking up to water bills that have in some cases, tripled in their first  metered year!

We know that waterblade can reduce the amount of water coming out of a hand basin tap, by up to 75% and if its used a lot, that can start to make a real difference to peoples’ bills. We are ready for when people want the choice to buy solutions, to their increased energy costs. On our website, people can see for themselves, how quickly they will get payback and start saving money and water. This is all without compromising their hand washing experience. We  also believe, that  in the right setting, Bamfords’ Waterblade is exciting, fun and a smart solution to a growing issue.

This is Our story so far……. We’ll be back to let you know our latest news as soon as it breaks. Thank you for reading.


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