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Life immediately after the Den

We invited our friends over to watch the show, not because we got investment, but because we felt it was important to celebrate such a highlight on our Waterblade journey. Keeping the secret of how it had gone was really challenging as it was a few months earlier from the night of the broadcast. Also we were working really hard on getting our new website finished and looking the part. thanks to our very talented friend Robbi we were up and tweeting for all our lives. Nigel pulled up the website to see if there was any curiosity about the waterblade and was surprised to see 240 people on the site. we hadn’t told our web hosts it might get busy and so very quickly we were over whelmed and the site crashed at 2,000 hits! We are still apologising to frustrated folks who tried to get on that night. It turned out over 6,000 people tried. We were completely amazed at the reaction we had. how many wonderful people wanted to share their thoughts and dreams with us and offers of investment.

What really became clear to us was how many people around the world watch Dragon’s Den and just how tough water sanctions are in  places like south Africa right now. Massive Droughts are plaguing Africa as a whole, as well as parts of America and Australia. We heard from them all.

It has galvanised us more than ever, to dream big and to really try and make a difference where we can around the world. We live in very water stressed times, along with all the other climate related problems. It is not a good picture, but it will take people making choices and changes and products like the Waterblade to help us achieve better outcomes.

So  Nigel has been back in his “Man-vention-shed trying to make a more internationally friendly model and we are very hopeful that in 2018 we can deliver on this.

Also, We are very happy to announce that we have changed our manufacturer to another local business who are ISO 9000 registered. We were very sad to leave our other manufacturer as we value above all else, strong ethical business relationships, but we need to have internationally recognised credentials to be able to trade with many other countries Iso 9000  means they are committed to high standards of employment, environmentally sound and a slavery free supply  chain. This means we hope to have Waterblade accredited in Australia very soon- More on that in the near future.

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  1. Saw Dragon’s Den episode on yesterday here in South Africa.

    Clearly some products can be bought on Gumtree but can’t seem to find official distributor, is this correct?

    1. We have a commercial distributor based in Johannesburg, email us for details using contact form on website. You can place orders for delivery in SA on our website.

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