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How to fit Waterblade

Waterblade can be fitted in minutes using basic tools, a spanner a cloth and a screwdriver.
Simply follow the instructions below.

Waterblade fitting instruction

waterblade one fix waterblade

Unscrew current collar and remove aerator/ cartridge and rubber washer. Then Place Waterblade device in to collar with rubber washer on top and screw on to tap spout.

  • If required,a wrench can be used.
  • Avoid scratching the collar.
  • Align Waterblade across basin.
  • Do not overtighten.

waterblade two fix waterblade

Flush out air by fully opening tap with cloth over spout.

waterblade three fix waterblade

To avoid sudden splash of water, adjust water pressure by turning hot & cold isolation valves under sink until water is completely off. Then very slowly turn on to obtain desired output, a 10cm wide blade. (2.4 litres per Minute see above / fitting video)

Waterblade trouble shooting

The ideal spread of the flow should be around 10cm wide.
waterblade dont
At 20cm wide the Waterblade will not function at its best.

Waterblade FAQ

  • Getting spray from the basin?
    The water from Waterblade does not leave the tap any faster than a regular tap. Correct adjustment of the flow is essential to prevent overspray. See fitting instructions/video.
  • Tap is Spluttering?
    If air is retained behind the nozzle it may prevent the blade forming properly, and cause ‘splutter’. See fitting instructions for flushing out air.
  • Blade formed is ‘Broken’?
    Debris is blocking the blade, remove the blade, flush water through the tap, clear any debris from the blade. Re-Fit
  • Can Waterblade be fitted to separate hot and cold taps?
    No, Waterblade can only be fitted to mixer taps with removable nozzles.

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Enjoy your Waterblade!

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Water industry Achievement Awards

Winner Innovation Category, and Overall OFWAT Award



Winner M&S Big Innovation Pitch


Royal Bank Of Scotland

Winner Gogarburn Innovation Challenge

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University of Brighton

Developed in part at the University of Brighton



Means fully compliant with all UK water Regulations and By-Laws.

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European Union

Awarded innovation development funding

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Green Growth Platform

Awarded innovation development funding, and proud member of this fab eco-business support organisation


International Water Summit

Winner Innovation Award, Real Estate Category



Winner UK Product Efficiency Product Awards, Plumbing Category, (at the House of Lords!)



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